In 1953 Domenico migrated from Italy to Australia. Having extensive knowledge and experience in market gardening from his time spent in Italy he had every intention to continue in Australia.


In 1957 Domenico acquired his first parcel of land north of Adelaide, on Mill Road in Waterloo

Corner where he began growing potatoes, lettuce and onions.


Domenico met his wife Rosa in 1958 and married in 1959. By the end of the year they had their first child.


Husband and wife became proud parents to four children, in which their only two sons

took interest in the fast growing family operation. The business was soon out growing the land available which lead to the purchase of a further 500 acres of neighbouring land. Demand for lettuce started to out-weigh the demand for potato’s and onions and the decision was made to pour there skills and expertise into growing what they knew best, Iceberg lettuce.


D & R De Ruvo & Sons soon became South Australia’s leading Iceberg lettuce growers with an estimated harvest rate of 100,000 lettuce’s per week.


To this day the business is still heavily family orientated with Lorenzo and Giuseppe managing directors of the company and wives Olga and Nicola managing the business administration along with Domenico and Rosa still overseeing daily operations.


D & R De Ruvo & Sons currently employs 8 full time staff with 6 contractors whilst supplying there reputable lettuce to major fast food outlets and retailers whilst still supporting their    local produce market and sole traders.

D & R De Ruvo 
& Sons

Lot 83 Mill Road, Waterloo Corner 5110


D & R De Ruvo & Sons Pty Ltd.

Lot 83 Mill Road



Ph:       8280 9390

Fax:      8280 9360

Mobile:   0418 823 691


Email: deruvo@chariot.net.au