Lorenzo and Giuseppe have formed a partnership along with retiring founders Domenico and Rosa, working together to oversee the whole business while taking care of their own areas. Lorenzo manages the marketing, orders and general operations of the business whereas, Giuseppe supervises the external production area, overseeing the workers. Together they set tasks yearly to expand and sustain the business as a whole, re-evaluating targets each year.



What is  involved?


·                 Ordering plants accordingly

·                 Preparing the ground for that year

·                 Planting weekly and,

·                 Harvesting 6 days a week.



In order to “Keep the businesses head above water” ( Quoted by Lorenzo De Ruvo) the business   itself must remain sustainable. This involves being Environmental Sustainability as well as   having Quality Assurance. This means involving good agriculture practices and being aware of the environment and its surroundings. By adapting to a program called Enviro Veg this has    allowed the business to cover all aspects and maintain sustainability .


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