What is iceberg lettuce?

A crisp, round, compact vegetable with light green tightly folded leaves.


Firstly, the seeds are brought from a nursery. They are then put in a cover crop to reduce soil born diseases and organic matters are added to the soil. The soil is then prepared with machinery to perform a good base for growing. The seedling are then planted off a machine by hand and they are irrigated.

Growing process

The seedlings are fertilized, watered and pest controlled if necessary. Watering and fertilizing is processed and controlled through a pump shed. The Pump shed contains a computer controlled irrigation and fertigation system.


The lettuce is picked by a Harvesting machine which is processed accordingly:

·                 Cuts the lettuce

·                 Brings it up to waist height on a conveyor belt

·                 The lettuce is then trimmed of any damaged leaves

·                 Packed in cardboard boxes

·                 Placed onto another conveyor belt then packed onto pallets

·                 Then sent off to customers.


The lettuce is distributed to the market and is then sent off to Coles, Woolworths, Foodland and independent outlets including Hungry Jacks, Mc Donald's and Subway.


Autumn/ Spring are the ideal seasons for growing lettuce as there are minimal weather problems that may affect or stunt the growth of the lettuce. In the summer the high heat can stress out the plants and cause problems including bolting. This is when the lettuce goes to seed instead of forming a heart. Also, during winter savvier frost and hail can damage causing it to be  unmarketable, therefore reducing profit margins.

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